Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A man with a plan

I'm 10,000 words in and i'm feeling much more positive about Clarke (Echo 2). Feedback from E1 was that the relationship between York and Echo was an important part of the content. I've figured out where this is going to go and why (it's going to get a bit rocky). i've also got a sub plot - part of one of the ongoing/ unresolved threads and a few scenes that add a bit of colour and are going to be fun to write, even if they don't move the story on.

I'm not sure how Clarke is going to finish although i've got a few scenes from the climax in my head. i have decided that not all the crew of the citadel will make it. I lost Bruekner in E1 but he was really just a cardboard cut out. This time it's going to be somebody that we've got to know.

Here's a question. I'm going to continue the alternate York  /Echo view point, but i'm wondering if some of the others should get a chapter every now and again. I'd be interested in whether you think that  would work. All comment welcome.

Right, back to chapter three


  1. Fantastic! So excited about 'Clarke'. My view on view point chapters is that it's a big deal to get a chapter in echo, maybe only monumental characters can have a chapter? Characters that are larger than life and have a view that affects the story? Just my view. Good luck with the rest of your writing!

  2. I was going to do a chapter from the view of one of the Bad Girls and write it in Binary, suggesting that they were, actually, Artificial Intelligence machines. However, i can't do the alphabet in binary, so that wouldn't have worked.

  3. Have to say this is looking very good. Am now in dire need of getting a copy of Echo so I can catch up... Intrigued by the ideas you present and the way in which you seem to have the ability to look at situations (and people for that matter) in a markedly different manner to the 'norm' (whatever 'norm' is anyway).

    Good luck with the rest of writing and as I have a year to catch up seems I may be in time to pick up Echo2 ;-)

  4. By the way if you are thinking of writing in binary then hex would likely be easier and in truth an AI is more likely to present as hex than binary at any communication level.

    If you need the alphabet then you can check the wiki site for ascii. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII

  5. Hi Darryn. hmm,the idea amused me but the reality is far too complex.
    Even if i could figure out how to say things, i'm not really sure that a machine would think in an interesting way. I'll stick with doing people

  6. I kind of thought that the bad girls had a sort of shared consciousness on a subliminal, subconscious level? It's not written in I know, but the clues seem to be there.

    1. Mmmmm, if they have a shared consciousness then how far do you see that going? Would be interesting to see if it is something that they can manipulate to their own ends, certainly gives an advantage in some cases. Example: Wonder if they can share problem solving and thought processes in a controlled manner allowing enhanced intelligence?

  7. STOP IT! Paul, your ideas are far better than mine, it's embarrasing. i'd always thought of it as a result of intense training but i can take it a bit further. deffo going to use that one. probably in chapter 6

  8. Haha I would have to disagree mr Johnstone, I am merely voicing thoughts provoked by your wonderful story. The idea for the bad girls, the perspective chapters, echo. These are great ideas!