Saturday, 24 August 2013


I'm writing the blurb to go on the amazon page. A description that will sell Outcast to the millions that didn't read Echo. These are the two versions I've got so far

The transition back into normal space was the most hazardous part of space travel; the drives were offline and the sensor suit was blinded by the electromagnetic turbulence for several minutes. York had destroyed three enemy battleships by being in the right place whilst they were helpless.

The mission was long and dangerous. Any early damage could see the ship limping home, so York had decided to cross the border into hostile space in a remote and unpopulated system.

The disturbance faded and the sensor returns cleared.

“Three contacts on intercept course.” called Pearce. “Probable missile attack.”


Before the war York had identified with the Sleeper Empire, the Imperial Navy, House York, the citizens of Asimov, probably in that order. Since assassinating the Emperor and seeing the power plays of the Judges, hidden behind the throne, his universe had steadily shrunk. He still wore the Iron ring, but it meant nothing. Now he cared about his ship, his crew and, in particular, his lover.

Echo had burned her bridges when she disobeyed orders and refused to kill York. The Imperial Commission had created and used her for its own purpose, without a thought for her as an individual. She felt no ties or obligation and had decided her destiny lay with York and his crew.

Now York is risking the lives of Echo and his crew in a search for a ship that was lost five thousand years ago. A ship that may hold the secrets to the origins of humanity.

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