Sunday, 15 January 2012

My name is Pete and I write science fiction

When people ask about my book i tell most of them that it's a thriller. This is true, but i'm actually avoiding telling them that it's a thriller with a science fiction setting. For reasons that escape me, I'm a bit embarrassed by that. Considering that the shelves are full of books about vampires, mages and people carrying large swords, clearly there are loads of authors happy to put there names on the covers of books that the world at large might consider sad and nerdy. However, if they're being printed then plenty of people are reading it.

So, I don't mind admitting that i quite enjoyed one of the Twilight books, i think Joe Abercrombie is a superb storyteller, Robert Heinlein and Arthur C Clarke were great authors and visionaries. All have sold millions of books to millions of people.  SF is mainstream and yet i'm embarrassed about what i write.

(Whispers) My name is Pete and i write science fiction

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  1. I think it's impossible to overstate how much SF / Fantasy has become mainstream (along with comics). I love the fact that I can profess my love for Dr. Who (the show not the man ;-)) and people now accept as the norm - when I say I'm reading George R.R. Martin, people are not confused....don't whisper it - shout it!