Saturday, 21 January 2012

Were you expecting somebody taller?

Strangely i hadn't a clear picture of what my characters looked like. I've described a couple of features, but that's it. So, when the draft covers started coming through it was very exciting to meet them. 

Then i started to interfere and there was a slight hiccup as photoshop (other manipulation products are available) did something slightly wierd to her face.

So, it's down to a choice from two. I've a vote going on via Facebook, but would like to know what the rest of the world thinks. However, they're busy, so i'll settle for you. Please comment on whether you prefer the first or second picture.

Everybody who votes for the winner will be put into a draw for a prize.

Number one? Slightly prettier than i intended and having a bad hair day

Or number two? More exotic and slightly alien

Vote now. Thanks


  1. Gill and I both vote for number two (long hair girl). She looks more intriguing and you want to know her story.

  2. OK, i'll put you down for the trout pout

  3. Okay, I'm going to vote!! The trout pout girl! I still think she's a better match for your character than pretty babe. ;)

  4. The second one gets my vote - still pretty but looks less like one of the aliens-pretending-to-be -human on 80s V (the girl in number 1 just reminds me too much of 'Diana'. Look, I watched it a lot, ok?! *hangs head in shame*)

  5. I like cover number two x