Friday, 3 February 2012

A change is as good as a rest

Sometimes it's difficult to write. You've been sat at the same desk, looking out of the same window all day. No wonder nothing's coming. Rather than doing some washing up or ironing as displacement activity, take the laptop / notebook / whatever you write in or on and go somewhere else.

One of my most productive writing days started with only fifty words in a couple of hours. So off i went. Two hours in the library resulted in a few hundred words. The same happened after a couple of hours in Starbucks. Nicely caffeined up i did more when i got back home.

Yesterday i wrote almost a thousand words in a hotel room. Different town, different view, different coffee :-) I often get lots done on the train (particularly in first class  - it's about having enough room rather than being a snob - so it's quite good that first class is cheaper than second glass - go figure) although that might be because i'm just avoiding something else. Like work.

If you're wanting to reproduce my 1000 words, i can recommend the MacDonald Hotel in Bath. Not just as a good place to work (any hotel would do really), but because it has a fantastic outdoor swimming pool - the air temperature was minus two but the water was 38 degrees. Aaaahhhh.

I didn't get work done anywhere else in  Bath as it was freezing and my fingers wouldn't work.

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