Sunday, 26 February 2012

Would you buy a book from this man?

The book is just waiting for a final edit, so i'm working it up for Kindle. Need a blurb: the stuff that goes on the back of the book or the on the sales page at Amazon. Might post a few here and welcome comments.

Starter for ten

For the last eight years, Echo had murdered her way across the galaxy in the service of the Emperor. She had lost count of the number of bodies and they didn't haunt her sleep any more.

York was a hero who had walked away at the end of the war, sickened by the number of people he had lost who, even now, haunt him. Now he commands a ship with far too much weaponry just to be a cargo carrier.

Their paths crossed once before, the night she killed for the first time.

Eight years on, she turns out to be the latest cargo on his ship. He's surrounded by his own killers, who all think she is there to kill him.

They may be right.


  1. I definitely will buy this book from this man!!! When is the release date on kindle?

  2. I think that is pretty good - immediately has me very curious about Echo in particular. And tells me that this is a SciFi action/adventure and hints at what might possibly be a very complicated relationship between Echo and York.

  3. Thank you, kind people.

    I'll be putting it on Kindle early next week. Just doing the final read through this week, then i'm away at my Dad's for the weekend - he lives in a town twinned with 1960 and they don't do internet :-)

  4. Pete

    Difficult to be sure/precise without the manuscript but how about this:

    "For eight years Echo has murdered her way across the galaxy in the service of her Emperor. She's lost count of the bodies she's left behind; they certainly don't haunt her as they used to.

    York is a war hero who walked away from it all, sickened by the pointless casualties and personal loss: something that haunts him still.

    Eight years on, York discovers Echo listed on his ship's manifest. He wonders why - so do others. He's commanding a ship with far too much weaponry to be just a cargo ship and their paths crossed once before, the night she killed him for the first time.

    (I'd end with a question, probably an open-ended one, something to suggest where the story COULD go, rather than the 'They may be right.) The problem is, if York was sickened by war/death then why is he now commanding a cargo ship that isn't (obviously) a cargo ship (ie is over armed)? The jacket should create questions in the reader's mind, not make them query the premise (does this make sense?)

    Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks Jim, i'll use some of that and mention you in the acknowledgements

  6. No need, Pete. For free is really for free. Good luck.