Tuesday, 6 March 2012

An author, i am

i know it's been quiet recently. There are two reasons. firstly i was away last week. I have a real job, this stuff is just for fun, although it has brought in a tenner in the last few hours.

Secondly, i've been finishing the formatting and final read through ready for publishing.

And today, i published :-)

Sometimes, at work, you write a difficult / slightly controversial email and your finger hovers over the send button. Eventually you just have to say 'bugger it' and press the button. Publishing the book on Kindle has been a bit like that. There's been a bit of a psychological block.

What if i can't figure out how to upload it? - actually that was dead easy
What if i can't find it on Amazon? i couldn't, but Bill found it and kindly sent me a link - cheers mate
What if nobody buys it? as i said, so far i've made a tenner. I'm hoping if the people who said they would buy it do so, i'll just about break even but that doesn't matter. I am an author

Oh, and then there's the big one. What if it's rubbish?
So far six people have read it and the feedback has been good. There were issues around trying to stuff too much into the first couple of chapters, but i'm not the only one guilt of that. I'm reading something that wants to move apace, but sometimes pace just leads to overload. I'm hoping the readers will find out a bit more about my characters in each chapter. There might be action and adventure and blood and spaceships but it's really a story about two people (and their friends).

I'm still buzzing

So, if you've bought it, thank you. I really appreciate it. I'm blessed with good friends, most of whom will tell me if it's rubbish and demand their £1.95 back (come and get it!).

If you haven't, just click here 


  1. Congrats on publishing! Lovely, scary, terrifying, fabulous feeling, isn't it? I chickened out three times before finally hitting the send button and I'm intending to do it all again in August. Good luck with the book and before you ask, yes, I'll be buying it! :-)

  2. Congrats, Peter. Into the top 16-odd thousand in Kindle sales already. No mean feat.