Sunday, 6 May 2012

How do you comfort the grammar police?

Give them a big hug and say "Their, there, they're."

I've been reading the hard copy of Echo and the typos are just flying off the page. I went through the e version, then printed it out and went through it again, although to save trees it was two pages per side, so it wasn't that big.

Everybody says you should get a professional editor to avoid these things but something like that would have been a massive outlay when i didn't expect it to get read by more than a handful of people.

A few people have expressed an interest in buying the actual book. It's slightly embarrasing when people are shelling out a couple of quid, but the paperback is £7.99 on If people want the book i'm going to have to go through it, make all the changes and upload it again. I can also re-upload to Kindle and list it for free for a week so that people who bought it can download a copy without all the mistakes (including one use of the wrong sort of their (there, they're). Not that i mind, but it's not as much fun as writing Echo2.

Having said that, Echo2 isn't much fun at the moment. I've just finished chapter 3 but there's a pressure for it to be as good as the original. Self imposed pressure, but still real. Echo was never meant to be read which allowed me to write whatever i wanted. I'd like to write E2 with the same freedom, but i don't think that's going to happen. I now understand the difficult-second-album syndrome that effects bands.

Does it matter if E2 is rubbish? Not in the grand scheme of things, no, but a remarkable number of people have said very kind things about Echo and i don't want to disappoint them with a disappointing follow up.

Anybody else have this problem?


  1. Dear Lord, yes! Beautifully put. I'm writing book 5 at the mo and second-guessing myself at every word which is totally ruining the flow of the story. I honestly don't think you'll have anything to worry about with Echo 2 - your characters are wonderful and the world you've created for them to inhabit is just so real and described in a kind of HD script...sorry, I'm prattling. Congrats on the gorgeous 'real' Echo by the way - it looks great.

  2. I think the trick will be to adopt the naNoWriMo approach and go for quantity rather than quality, then sort it all out in the second draft.

  3. The thing with echo is that it is effortlessly brilliant! Fantastic characters in a beautiful universe written with an innovative style that people loved! And that came purely from the mind of Peter Johnstone!!
    I also believe you have a certain luxury with echo2 in so much as you have a goal, and an audience waiting in anticipation to read the outcome of the many subplots throughout echo!!

    As for mistakes,, I read many books, and im yet to read one without these mistake. Dostkoevsky, Asimov, Hamilton they're all riddled with errors!!

  4. All these loose ends i accidently much pressure