Friday, 18 May 2012

Polka dot pants

I've hardly read anything recently. Life has been hectic and my laptop takes a million years to boot up so all the books i've bought on kindle in the last couple of months (including yours, fellow authors) are largely languishing unappreciated. Somebody i know read Echo on his iPhone. We were a bit sceptical, but it worked for him - he could read a bit of book every time he had 5-10 minutes to spare.

My ipod won't do that since it had 50 minutes in a 40 degree dark wash - the apps work but the wireless appears to be gone forever and the battery life is now less than a mayfly's.

However, i'm fairly hopeful that i'm about to enter the 21st century and get an ipad. Because:

a) it's my birthday shortly
b) i've been muttering about it for ages
c) it's tax deductable
d) everybody else has one
e) my wife is getting a bluetooth hands free car kit
f) i really really want one


That's an aside really. I came on to write about E2. I'm in the middle of chapter 4 and i'm concious that it's a real frippery and doesn't move the plot on. But then there are chapters of Echo that are about people rather than plot development.

I should just plough on and let the beta readers decide if it stays. E2 is sooooo  much harder than Echo to write. I suspect it's a reaction to the teasing i get at work, particularly about the sex scenes and particularly particularly about the polka dot pants. i threw that in for a laugh and to try and add a bit of colour and humour, but hardly a day goes by when it doesn't get thrown into a conversation.

Beware sex scenes, murders and continuity errors. Also beware loose ends. The AltSpace monsters were intended to be a cameo, but i now have to think about where they can fit into E2/3. Hopefully it won't need a shoe horn

on an unrelated note, i had a conversation with a reader

"i'm reading your book."
"are you enjoying it?"
"i started reading and then realised, oh, it's science fiction" (i would hve thought the spaceship on the cover was a givaway)
"oh, sorry about that."
"and then there's all these murders." (read the blurb!- Echo murdered her way....)

Ashley McCook blogged about how hard the blurb was to write but how important it was when choosing a book. Unless, of course, the reader doesn't take any notice of it.

So, beware polka dot pants, they can bite you (hopefully metaphorically)

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